I have been amazed over the years at the depth and creativity of Georgann Chenault's relentless search for truth. The research and explanations you will find in this work are timely and relevant for all, especially those who are desperate to understand how that, from creation to today, is all at work together under one divine plan.

These writings take complicated topics and explain them in understandable terms – weaving together intricate details to create a fascinating “big picture” tapestry that could have only come through much prayer, dedication and spiritual direction. I believe this book is a wonderful addition to the library of any pastor, seminary student or anyone willing to grasp the story of our Creator.

James A. Williams, M. Div.
United Methodist Conference, KY

price for either

A greatly expanded edition built specifically for the iPad, with Apple's iBooks Author software, this edition allows expanding visuals, videos and more complex graphics. "Perfect for this kind of material."

The original eBook for the Kindle Fire has a number of graphics that expand on double-tap for viewing important detail.
the begats are triumphant

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