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I highly recommend this book. It is way beyond interesting. I should explain who I am so the reviewer’s perspective will be transparent to you. I am certainly not a theologian; but I am a spiritual person of the Christian faith. I am very accepting of all faiths so long as they are generally of peace for others.


Now, I have known the author, Georgann Chenault for about 25 years or so. She is a brilliant visual thinker. She is very creative. She is a devout Christian. She has expansive and unique perspectives on religious history that are highly illuminating and thought provoking. The visual cortex of her brain (I am a neuroscientist.) must be a magnitude or more than that of the average human. She “sees” what we often don’t see. She perceives things that are difficult or impossible for her to put into words, much as it would be hard for a congenitally blind person to have explained verbally what a waterfall looks like.


The Review: Her book attempts to explain her work, a lifetime devotion to a visual representation, a picture if you will, of God’s work in the past, present and a glimpse of future. Everything she has on her visuals is, from what I see, drawn directly from the Bible except for one architectural form, the Giza pyramid of Egypt. As she tries to take you by the hand and show you various versions of this one picture, it is easy to get lost, as I, for one, am not used to thinking in this visual manner. But each facet that you might eventually grasp is truly fascinating.


This book requires effort and work to absorb. The eerily perfect fit of the scripturally derived lines and angles suggests an evidentiary confirmation of the illustration’s import.


I understand that high level Christian theologians may soon be reviewing this book. I told Ms. Chenault that she might prepare for some rejection. Indeed it could be years before experts respond to this in the serious manner that I think it deeply deserves. That would put her into the unfortunate position of personages such as Columbus, who had an idea which the world was not yet capable of grasping, or rather perhaps, of not being willing to grasp, because it was difficult.


Stephen M Cox MD

Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry,
University of Kentucky College of Medicine

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