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Notes on the Journey

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In 1984, when I was introduced to the Holy Spirit of God while alone in my home, I heard through the depths of my being “You can trust me”.  Since that moment I have never doubted who God is, despite the fact that most aspects of the Trinity still baffle me.

Within days I was fast on my way to diagramming the Days of the Creation week as listed in Genesis 1 and felt determined to discover why God gave us the “begats”. By that I mean, why He chose to inform us of how old someone was when he became a father or when a specific event happened. The numbering of events takes us all the way from Adam to Moses entering the Land of Promise.


That sort of detail surely wasn’t intended just to add color to the stories. I sensed it had a much greater purpose and set off to diagram all of it. The genealogy of Jesus was a list without numbers, but why not? My flat files were beginning to be crammed with oversized papers and illustration boards filled with works of this nature. In the meantime, I wondered why I was doing this despite the strong sense that it would eventually lead somewhere. But would it?


Then, several elaborate diagrams later, my ambition for this work came to an abrupt stop. Was it too complex for me to comprehend the reason God had included the text that was the basis for these diagrams? Were others somewhere in the world doing the same thing and I just needed to locate them to collaborate? I scoured the Internet hoping to find like-minded individuals and soon discovered that many hundreds of people were publishing web sites with their own explanations of the Genesis Days.


To my disappointment I found most web sites about Biblical Creation were sadly ordinary, lengthy elaborations on the traditional views of Genesis and the Days. Most were wholly inadequate in their efforts to dispatch the criticisms that had been hurled at the Bible about one thing or another. However, beneath the unoriginal musings of their creators I sometimes sensed that same longing to comprehend the reasons behind such precision. Though these web sites seemed unlikely to bring about unique insights or strong revelations, I persisted in my search. For years.


During the time of my cooled ambition I yearned to have the inspiration of those earlier years. I had no choice but to wait for something to change and since I hate to wait (a trait in me God finds amusing, I am sure) I found other ways to keep my hand in, besides searching for other Genesis-philes. In my spare time I entered Internet news groups frequented by atheists and other non-believers and joined in lively debates, giving exercise to curbing my temper and avoiding hurt feelings. 


It was in these discussions that I identified a number of specific Bible passages and Christian teachings that most troubled or amused non-believers. Supposed conflicts between the text of Genesis 1 and 2 and the idea of a 6000 year old earth were the most persistent conversation starters. I had to agree there was little in traditional Christian thought that was inarguably accurate in describing what we now think is true concerning the time of the beginning of the universe, the earth or man. To a good many Christians this would be the point at which they would say “faith is good enough”. I had faith. Wasn’t that good enough for me? Yes, but I wasn’t content with the stifling nature of simply claiming faith for all of it. I also wanted comprehension.


Eventually tiring of the same unwinnable arguments about Creation with Internet strangers, I decided to revisit the work I had done years earlier. Computer software that I believed I needed to simplify the conversion of the diagrams into video animations was just released and so I set about getting all of the work into my trusty Mac.


This was around the year 2000. Just as everyone seemed to be celebrating the survival of the New Year’s beginning, I was celebrating seeing something I had never before seen.


In Chapter 6 of this book I explain how I determined that the Chronology fits onto the overall Creation Plan diagram. I knew it had to mean something amazing so I never gave up thinking about it. Once I located the position of the Chronology diagram on the whole Plan, then I knew all the years of work were leading me to this point and more.


There was a reason for God to put the Chronology information into the text! It was to validate the diagrammatic view and to lead us into it further.


Why does this approach to the Bible’s text come to us now, in the digital age? I believe it is not only because it would take computers to put it together but also because God is beginning to prepare the believers for His next move.




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