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Isaiah 46:9-10 says God has declared the “end from the beginning”. So why do so many contemporary teachers of prophecy hash and rehash Matthew 24, the books of Daniel and Revelation with no consideration for what God said about the beginning? Is the book of Genesis a key to prophecy in a way never before recognized?


John 1:1-2 says Christ was with God in the beginning but what do we know of His coming from the beginning? Many Christians focus on the New Testament as if the birth of Jesus to the virgin Mary was His beginning. In so doing, have they missed a fuller more wondrous realization of who Jesus is?


The very first verse of the Bible talks about the beginning, but the conventional view of Creation seems to start with One Day when God said “Let light be”. Has the entirety of the believing and non-believing world started off on the wrong foot?


In the 28 years of research since my sudden and powerful conversion to Christianity, I have found that the book of Genesis is indeed a key to prophecy, that the beginning of Genesis 1:1 can be more fully examined and that none of it would have been possible without a clear “glass” constructed in the digital age by computer generated diagrams.


In my book Biblical Creation: An Illustrative View with the Forgotten Beginning I show how the chronological information provided in the “begats” running all the way from Adam to Moses entering the Land of Promise has a purpose. I also demonstrate how the listing of the complete line to Jesus from God, Adam, Seth etc. through Mary in Luke 3 was put there for reasons other than that of proving the legitimacy of the claim of Jesus to the throne of David.


The composite work is a substantially Biblical proof of God and of Christ that has always been there. It was just waiting to be discovered. And the full presentation of this work is a testimony which no one can explain away.


I invite you to read this book and experience the wonderful sense of God’s calling for our generation that it provides.



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